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  • Fixing Website

    I working on fix the web site, and add some extra features ;)

  • Versioning changes

    I changed the version suffix from release.month.year.revision to release.year.month.revision, that means the next version is

  • Beta version released

    The program is useful and looks stable, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) can create, edit, delete, load and save screens and widgets, is totally useful (but not completed)
    Now I working on bug fixes, code improve and new features planned on paper.

  • BugFIX and improvements

    Fixed a leak bug on the battery plugin, and improved lcdspicer binary, I added 2 new plugins: calendar and network.

  • First Preview

    I uploaded 2 binary files, one is a preview of the GUI and the second one is a new version of the lcdspicer.
    Bug Fixs and new database system.

    I also work a little on the web page the last weekend, but I have a problem with the font, no one have that font instaled and the only safari accept the CSS3 command for import the font :P