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About this project

LCD Spicer is a screens editor for Liquid Cristal Displays (LCDs), also is a client for LCDd (LCDproc project);
This client allows you to show system information, hard drives, partitions, sensors, music players, CPU / network stats, and computer health overall, also allows for the creation of new ones using plugins, this plugins allows you to add new features.

The program has two parts

  1. The GUI (GTK-LCDSpicer)
    This program is the GUI to create new screens and widgets, is an easy to use interface, with all the tools needed to create great screens
  2. The Daemon (lcdspicer)
    This program executes the screens created with the GUI, which is the comunication with LCDd

This project was registered on on Oct 11 2008 at 21:17

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